Burlapper Burlap Runner Natural Frayless Edge, 14" x 120" (3-Pack, 10 Yards)

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Burlap fabric is like a snowflake, no 2 pieces are alike. Its rustic and beautiful appearance makes it completely unique and a wonderful addition to your home decorating project.

The biggest knock against burlap is dealing with edges that fray, so we have addressed this issue by launching our line of rolled Burlapper fabric with Frayless Edge technology. If you want the beauty and character of burlap without the hassle of cutting and finishing the edges yourself, we have introduced Burlapper Frayless Edge burlap fabric that is serged on all 4 sides. Our Frayless Edge technology provides a finished, professional look that enhances the fabric's durability, and increases its longevity so it can be used repeatedly without worry of it falling apart. Now instead of spending time cutting and prepping raw fabric, you can simply buy Burlapper 3-packs and roll them out on the table to provide your table-setting with an attractive, rustic, and finished look. Simply decide how many tables you're going to decorate and then buy our 3-packs to meet your needs.

Burlapper Burlap is made from 100% 12 oz jute, which is 23% thicker, denser, and heavier than 10 oz burlap fabric. It is naturally biodegradable, eco-friendly, and among the nicest burlap fabric available.

Whether for display on your dining room table or to protect plants in your garden, Sourcedly's 14" Burlapper burlap will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

SPECIFICATIONS: 3-pack of 14" x 120" long (10 yards total) 12 oz Burlapper burlap that has been serged on all 4-sides, and is packaged in a secure, resealable poly bag to protect the fabric. Each 10' long roll fits 8-foot tables or it can be cut to fit smaller rectangular, square and round tables.

  • 3-Pack of 14" wide x 120" long (10' / 3.33 yards), 12 oz Burlapper burlap fabric with Frayless Edges to prevent fraying
  • Save time making your own table runners with these beautiful, pre-cut runners. Each package includes 3 10-foot long runners that were serged on all 4-edges. You'll love the ease of use and finished look
  • Professionally cut and sewn at our USA factory, Burlapper runners are made from 100% natural Jute that is distinctive, eco-friendly, and biodegradable
  • Ideal for home, garden, sewing, arts and crafts projects, including table runners, weed barrier, sun and windscreen; to protect small trees, shrubs and plants
  • If you like the look of burlap but are afraid of fraying edges, choose Burlapper Frayless Edge burlap exclusively from Sourcedly