Burlapper Burlap Garden Fabric (100% Natural)

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Our medium-weight, 10 oz burlap fabric has a nice weave that provides your plants, trees and shrubs with protection from sun, wind, and snow year round. This is the same burlap fabric sold to high-end wholesale nurseries and garden centers across the United States. If it's good enough for them, then it will be ideal for your home and garden projects.

While most of the fabric is first quality, it may have blemishes such as ink markings and stains, and slight runs in the fabric. We are making it available at a discount for use on projects where beauty takes a backseat to function.

Uses include: landscape fabric, weed barrier, grass seeding, tarp to haul leaves, sticks and yard debris, plant transport, shade screen, wind barrier, and more.

Each 40 inch section of fabric is loosely folded and secured in a protective, recyclable plastic packaging.