Burlapper Burlap Roll | 12" x 10 yd | Medium Weight 10 oz Jute Fabric for Table Runner, Banner, Placemats, Arts, Crafts, Sewing, Wedding, Baby Shower, Lawn and Garden | Natural Edges | Made in USA

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  • Burlapper 10 oz, medium weight burlap is ideal for use as a table runner, banner, placemats; kitchen and dining; home decor; very popular for weddings, holiday, graduation, birthday and office parties; rustic and casual chic themed events; lawn and garden projects
  • Burlapper Burlap Roll is 12 inches wide x 10 yards (30 feet / 9.144 meters) long
  • Each continuous, seamless burlap roll ships on a solid paper core that is professionally packaged to prevent damage while in transit
  • Rolls are inspected and graded for quality, which means 100% of the burlap fabric is usable, Grade A, 1st quality burlap cloth
  • Proudly Made in Ohio by Sourcedly from genuine 10 ounce, 100% natural Indian jute that is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Factory cut, natural edges are guaranteed to be straight, and less likely to fray. Each 30 foot roll makes 3 120"/108"/96", 4 84", 5 72", 6 60", 7 48" and 10 36" table runners or 20 18" wide placemats

What makes Burlapper Burlap better?

• Made in USA (Ohio factory) from 100% Natural Jute fibers imported from India, the burlap capital of the world.

• We're sticklers for quality, which is why we manufacture our products in the United States rather than China or overseas. By creating and manufacturing our products in our Ohio factory, we are able inspect and grade every piece of burlap cloth that we manufacture. This means that for this listing, you will receive 1st quality burlap that will be free of ink stains, dirt, holes, and seams. Anybody who manufactures their burlap overseas (that's most everybody) cannot offer you those same assurances!

• Burlapper burlap rolls are rolled and cut on industrial slitting machines with pinking shear edges. This cut provides a natural, unfinished edge that is attractive and reduces fraying. It'll look great as is or your can embellish it with a border, lace, serging the edges, paint or anything else you want to jazz up the fabric.

• Every burlap roll is rolled onto a solid paper core to protect the integrity of the fabric and to prevent it from being crushed. Crushed burlap is not good as it will create folds and creases that you'll have to deal with. Burlap rolled onto a solid core looks better and will lay flat when it is unrolled. We also encase each burlap roll into a sturdy, recyclable plastic sleeve to protect the fabric during transit from our factory to your doorstep. By taking these extra steps, we can ensure that you will receive great looking burlap fabric every time!

Our medium weight 10 oz Burlapper burlap 12" x 10 yard rolls are great for table runners, banners, placemats, arts, crafts and sewing projects. Customers also use this burlap for weed barriers, grass seed mats, microgreens growing mats, and to protect their plants, trees, and shrubs from heat, cold, snow, ice and wind.