Burlapper Burlap Potato Sack Race Bags (4 Bags - 24 Inch x 40 Inch)

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  • 40" High x 24" Wide Potato Sack Race Bags are Ideal for Children and Adults
  • Heavy 10 ounce Burlap is Made of 100% Biodegradable Jute
  • Industrial Strength Stitching Provides Long-lasting Performance
  • Sturdy Enough to Store Plants, Vegetables, and Virtually Anything Else
  • Burlapper Potato Sack Race Bags are Available in 2- and 4-Packs.

Bring ole fashioned fun to your party, family reunion, wedding, physical education class or event with 24" x 40" industrial strength Burlapper Potato Sack Race Bags.

Bag Specifications: 24” wide x 40” long, 4-bags per package. The bags are packed in a secure, resealable poly bag that protect the burlap bags during shipping.