Burlapper Burlap (14 Inch x 10 Yards, Natural)

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We're glad you stopped by to check out our 14 inch x 10 yard Burlapper burlap roll! We'd like to tell you a little about our burlap and why we think it's the best fabric available anywhere. Burlapper burlap is sourced directly from India. It is manufactured by American workers at our U.S.-based, family owned factory.

Burlapper burlap is custom fabricated and cut to our exacting specifications. We then inspect and hand pack each piece of burlap before we ship it. Only the best quality burlap makes it to you. All 14" x 10 yard rolls are now machine rolled onto a solid paper core, which means that the fabric is reinforced, well-protected during shipping, and easier than ever to handle. 

You'll find that the distinct characteristics of Burlapper burlap fabric make each piece unique. The simple elegance of our heavy, 10 oz., plain-woven burlapper burlap fabric makes it ideally suited for table runners; arts, crafts and sewing projects; rustic weddings, landscaping, interior decorating, banners and signage, school projects, and much more. Burlap is also known by the names gunny and hessian.

Burlapper Specifications: 14 inches wide x 10 yards long (30 feet / 360 inches). This 14" wide burlap roll was cut to size by industrial slitters at the mill, which guarantees the straightest edge possible and includes our proprietary Shear Edge that provides an attractive look while minimizing fraying. Our 14" rolls are free of colored marker lines that commonly run down one edge of the burlap. Both edges are unfinished and can be left as-is, serged, or sewn. Color: Natural.