Burlapper Burlap (12 Inch x 60 Inch, Natural)

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If you are looking for 12" wide burlap table runners to cover 4-foot long tables, look no further than Burlapper™ brand burlap! At 60 inches (5 feet) long, this single roll of heavy-weight, 12 ounce burlap is enough to cover one (1) 4-foot long table, and will look great for your wedding, party or special occasion.

Burlapper burlap is sourced directly from India and is manufactured by American workers at our U.S.-based family operated mill. Each piece of Burlapper burlap is inspected and hand rolled, meeting our rigid quality standards.

You'll find that the unique characteristics of our 12 ounce, heavy weight Burlapper brand burlap fabric makes each piece distinctive and ideally suited for table runners; arts, crafts and sewing projects; weddings, landscaping, interior decorating, banners and signage, school projects, and much more.

Burlapper Burlap Dimensions: 12 inches wide x 60 inches long (5 feet). This 12" wide burlap roll was cut to size by industrial slitters at the mill, which guarantees the straightest edge possible. Our 12" rolls are free of colored marker lines that commonly run down one edge of the burlap. All 60” burlap rolls include Frayless Edge™ technology, which means all 4-edges have been professionally serged to prevent the fabric from fraying and to prolong its useful life and versatility. Each roll ships in a protective poly bag. Color: Natural (light brown).