Burlapper, 12 Inch x 10 Yards (3-Pack), 100% Natural 12 oz Jute Burlap Fabric

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BURLAPPER SPECIFICATIONS: 12" wide x 10 yards long (360 inches / 30 feet) (3-pack = 30 yd/90 feet). These 12" wide burlap rolls were cut to size by industrial slitters at the factory, which guarantees the straightest edge possible. Our 12" rolls are free of colored marker lines that commonly run down one edge of the burlap. Both edges include our proprietary shear cut that reduces fraying. This attractive edge can be left as-is, serged or sewn.

Burlapper burlap is sourced directly from India. It is processed and custom cut at our U.S.-based family factory.

Whether you need one or 100 pieces of burlap, insist on genuine Burlapper brand burlap by Sourcedly for the best quality, value, and selection.

You'll find that the distinct characteristics of burlapper 12 ounce, heavy weight burlap fabric make each piece unique. Burlap fabric is best known for its use as bagging, wrapping and in furniture manufacturing, but it has been popularized for hundreds of other uses.

The simple elegance of our heavy, 12 oz., plain-woven Burlapper burlap fabric makes it ideally suited for table runners; arts, crafts and sewing projects; rustic weddings, landscaping, interior decorating, banners and signage, school projects, and much more. Burlap is also known by the names gunny and hessian.